Why You Need to Make Your Video Mobile Friendly?

Why You Need to Make Your Video Mobile Friendly?

Now that there are more people buying smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense to make videos which are specifically designed for mobile devices. Whether established or startup, it increasingly important to produce videos that consumers can watch anytime, anywhere.  These devices have video and audio limitations so your sales or explainer videos need to be mobile friendly. In previous years, brands didn’t have to worry about it. However, since mobile first has been introduced video marketing teams had to make sure their content are mobile responsive.

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How to Make Sure Your Video Player is Responsive

Your video need to have a system which detects the user’s mobile bandwidth. This bandwidth will indicate how much or how rapidly the user will be able to stream and download video content. If the viewer is using Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia, or YouTube, then the video quality will automatically reduce to accommodate the device’s bandwidth capability.

By responding to the ability of the device, you’ll be able to play videos quickly, this will reduce loading and lag time of the video. In case your videos are not served in a responsive platform, this is one of the most important steps in making a corporate video mobile friendly.

Make Sure Your Audio is of Great Quality

Mobile devices these days may be advanced but some of them still have low quality speakers. That’s why when videos are played at high volumes, it can distort audio track or make it hard to hear. This is surely not appealing to your viewers and could make them not finish watching your content. Your job is to ensure that your audio for the video in order for your message to be heard.

Video Length Should Be Relevant

Since people use their mobile phone while commuting or waiting for a meeting to start, they have shorter attention span. Therefore, take the purpose of your video into consideration during the editing phase. If your goal is to make it viral, then a shorter video is more relevant. However, if it is a how to video or documentation, then it only makes sense to make a longer video. These videos can be a bit longer since the intent of the viewer watching is to learn something specific.

Consider the Text Font Size

Smartphone screens are only about 5 inches small. This means that it may be hard for viewers to read text as compared to seeing it on a monitor or on a TV screen. The smaller the screen, the more your viewer will need to squint their eyes to read the information. That’s why when make a corporate video that you expect to be viewed by mobile users, try to use bigger text font so that your viewers can clearly your message.

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